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Nich Richardson

Nich is a host and producer with a ten-year background in television, comedy and video games. He’s that guy from that thing you saw late one night on one of those digital channels, but your kid thinks he’s hilarious.

He’s gone viral on YouTube, marathoned on Twitch and performed live stage shows for thousands. He’s a one-man YouTube channel, but he doesn’t know how to use a camera. That’s where Pete comes in.

Peter Burns

Peter is a video producer and director of photography with nearly a decade of experience at Australian free-to-air channels and as a freelancer for commercial clients. He has an extensive history in popular culture material, specifically video game-related content. 

Peter is one of the country’s hottest young producers, and as you can see from his photo, he is also one of the country’s hottest young producers. 

Gus Ronald

Gus is post-production powerhouse with an affinity for ample alliteration. He pushes each production to perfection with powerful edits and poignant graphics.

With over ten years of experience cutting a mix of traditional media including long form drama, short films and commercials that look better than the products they're selling. He also excels at spitting out fast and flashy edits that can maintain the attention span of today's less discerning online audience...

(the man makes a mean YouTube vid!)


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